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New IMF podcast featuring Nora Lustig on inequality in Latin America

Nora Lustig, the Samuel Z. Stone Professor of Latin American Economics and Director of the Commitment to Equity Institute (CEQI) at Tulane University, discusses about declining inequality in Latin America in a new IMF Podcast.
“While the gap between rich and poor is widest in Latin America, research led by Professor Lustig, shows it‘€™s the only region in the world where the gap is actually narrowing.”
Access the full article, Most Unequal on Earth, in the Finance and Development Magazine, September 2015, Volume 52, No. 3.


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"Brazil in the 21st Century" event with Dr. Idelber Avelar and Sergio Moro

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“O Brasil do Seculo XXI” will include presentations and dialogue between Professor Idelber Avelar and Sergio Mora, Ex-Minister of Justice and Public Security of Brazil. Fernanda Odilla, of the University of Bologna, will be moderating the event.

Thanks to the Brazil Institute at King’s College, the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, and the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research for making this event possible.