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Tulane at LASA 2016

May 12th, 2016

The XXXIV International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association in New York City will celebrate LASA‘€™s 50th anniversary at which numerous faculty and graduate students will be attending. For the convenience of conference attendees and participants, we have prepared a list of all Tulane affiliated presenters below. We look forward to seeing you at LASA2016!

You can find the full 2016 LASA program here

066 // LTC – Panel – Friday, 9:45am – 11:15am, Concourse H
Cuban Intermediality
Chairs: Marilyn G Miller, Tulane University
Anke Birkenmaier, Indiana University
“Medical and Psycho-Social Metaphors in the Early Work of Fernando Ortiz”: Robin D Moore, University of Texas/Austin
‘€œ‘€™El ágora entre manglares‘€™: la arquitectura en la obra de Alejo Carpentier‘€: Charlotte W Rogers, University of Virginia
‘€œCuban radio theater: Severo Sarduy‘€™s use of voice in La playa and La caída‘€: Anke Birkenmaier, Indiana University
‘€œIntermedialidad e intertextualidad en la obra de Kcho‘€: Marilyn G Miller, Tulane University Discussant: Rachel L Price, Princeton University

206 // SMP – Panel – Friday, 2:30pm – 4:00pm, Beekman
Socio-Economic Developments in Crucial Sectors
Chair: Steven E Samford, University of Toronto
‘€œLights, Participation, Action: Public-Private Partnerships and Participatory Institutions in São Paulo City‘€: Raquel de Mattos Pimenta
‘€œMaking Inroads? The Politics of Infrastructure under the New Left‘€: Riitta Ilona Koivumaeki, Center for Inter-American Policy & Research, Tulane University
‘€œThe Contentious Politics of Corporate Responsiblity in Mining‘€: Paul A Haslam, University of Ottawa
‘€œThe Politics of Renewable Energy Policy in Chile‘€: Roy C Nelson, Thunderbird School of Global Management
‘€œTourism and the developmental state: from banker‘€™s fantasy to poverty reducer?‘€: Emma J Fawcett
Discussant: Eliza J Willis, Grinnell College

221 // SEC – Workshop – Friday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Grand Ballroom West
Agriculture: 50 years in the past, 50 years in the future
Sponsor: Food, Agriculture and Rural Studies Session Organizer: Steven S Zahniser, USDA Economic Research Service
Chair: Nashieli C Rangel Loera, Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Presenters: Kirsten A Appendini, El Colegio de México
Amalia Leguizamón, Tulane University
Mauricio Berger, CONICET IIFAP UNC
Maria Marcela Crovetto, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Gerardo Otero, Simon Fraser University
Susana T Aparicio, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Steven S Zahniser, USDA Economic Research Service

252 // SECLASA Section Presentation – Friday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Trianon Ballroom
Managing Memory: Human Rights Landscape and The Road Ahead
Sponsor: Southern Cone Studies
Session Organizer: ksenija bilbija
Chair: Fernando A Blanco, Bucknell University
‘€œFemale Revenge and Restitution Narratives in Post-Authoritarian Chile‘€: ksenija bilbija
‘€œTortura en el Vientre: Violación y Abuso de mujeres embarazadas en la Comisión Valech: Elizabeth Lira, Universidad Alberto Hurtado
‘€œAn Excess of Justice? Argentina and the Politics of Justice for Past Atrocity‘€: Leigh A Payne, University of Oxford
‘€œSilences, Taboos, and Human Rights in Argentina‘€: Nancy J GatesMadsen, Luther College ‘€œMemory and transition: Revisiting the 1970s in novels by Pola Oloixarac, Martín Kohan, and Gustavo Ferreyra‘€: Idelber V Avelar, Tulane University
Discussant: Mabel E Moraña, Washington University/St. Louis

410 // HUM – Workshop – Saturday, 9:45am – 11:15am, Sutton South
Human Rights, Past and Future: An Interdisciplinary Conversation
Sponsor: Human Rights
Session Organizer: Anne M Lambright, Trinity College
Chair: Idelber V Avelar, Tulane University
Presenters: Arturo Arias, University of California
Merced Kathryn A Sikkink, Harvard University
Steve J Stern, University of Wisconsin/Madison
Kimberly S Theidon, Fletcher School

415 // SMP – Workshop – Saturday, 9:45am – 11:15am, Beekman
Latin America’s Political Economy after the Commodities Boom
Sponsor: Highlighted panel
Session Organizer: Kurt G Weyland, University of Texas/Austin Chair: Kurt G Weyland, University of Texas/Austin
Presenters: Nora Lustig, Tulane University
Evelyne S Huber, University of North Carolina
George R Gray-Molina, UNDP

426 // GEN – Panel – Saturday, 9:45am – 11:15am, Union Square
Poéticas de la violencia: Nuevos avances en la dinámica de género y representación en América Latina Session
Organizer: Maria Alejandra Aguilar Dornelles, University at Albany-SUNY
Chair: Maria Alejandra Aguilar Dornelles, University at Albany SUNY
‘€œPoesía, violencia y performance: Rocío Silva Santisteban y Regina Galindo‘€: Bethsabe Huaman Andia, Tulane University
‘€œViolencia e hipersexualización en la nueva narrativa mexicana escrita por mujeres‘€: Cándida E Vivero
‘€œExclusión y silencio en dos textos dramáticos de Elena Garro‘€: Martha M Peña
‘€œUna mestiza, un simulacro y la ira de la Inquisición virreinal en La fiesta del mulato de Luisa Josefina Hernández‘€: Georgina J Whittingham, State University of New York/Oswego
‘€œTensiones y violencias en la identidad de la mujer latinoamericana en el cine y la literature‘€: Jessica Franca Artigas, Facultad de Arte y Medios de Comunicación Audiovisual (FAMCA) perteneciente al ‘€œInstituto Superior de Artes‘€ (ISA)

456 // PIP – Panel – Saturday, 12:45pm – 2:15pm, Rotunda
Argentina‘€™s 2015 Election in Comparative Perspective: Evidence from the Argentine Panel Election Study
Chair: Noam Lupu, University of Wisconsin-Madison
‘€œBad Governors, Worse Presidents: Responsibility Diffusion in Federal States‘€: Ernesto F Calvo, University of Maryland
‘€œVoting for the (Incumbent) Peronists: Individual and Provincial Sources of Electoral Support for Daniel Scioli in the 2015 Presidential Elections‘€: Carlos H Gervasoni, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
‘€œVoter Perceptions of Clientelism: Individual Experiences vs. Media Coverage and Preconceptions‘€: Virginia Oliveros, Tulane University
‘€œMacri’s Mandate: Ideological Shift or Fine-tuning?‘€: Luis E Schiumerini, University of Oxford Discussant: Maria Victoria Murillo, Columbia University

457 // HUM – Panel – Saturday, 12:45pm – 2:15pm, Sutton
South Audiences‘€™ Experiences with Memorialization Initiatives Addressing Human Rights Abuses
Session Organizers: Olga M Gonzalez-Castaneda, Macalester College
Susana M Kaiser, University of San Francisco
Chair: Maria Eugenia Ulfe, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
‘€œShowing Progress: Triads, Transparency, and the Making of Visitor Experience in Peru‘€: Joseph P Feldman, Trent University
‘€œHeated Exchanges at the ‘€œTiempos de Memoria‘€ Exhibit in Commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Peruvian TRC Report‘€: Olga M Gonzalez-Castaneda, Macalester College ‘€œVicariously Witnessing ESMA‘€™s Atrocities‘€: Susana M Kaiser, University of San Francisco
‘€œTrans-local paces of commemoration and diasporic countermapping‘€: Carolina Ramirez, Universidad Alberto Hurtado.
‘€œOtras memorias sobre las dictaduras del Cono Sur: más allá del relato de las víctimas‘€: Loreto Lopez, Universidad de Chile
Discussant: Rebecca J Atencio, Tulane University

483 // ECO – Panel – Saturday, 12:45pm – 2:15pm, Gibson
Latin American Development in the Coming Decade: Challenges and Opportunities.
Chair: Eva A Paus, Mount Holyoke College
‘€œMacroeconomics‘€: José Antonio Ocampo, Columbia University
‘€œUniversal Social Policies‘€: Diego Sánchez-Ancochea, University of Oxford
‘€œInequality‘€: Nora Lustig, Tulane University

489 // FIL – Panel – Saturday, 12:45pm – 2:15pm, Americas Hall II
New Directions in Argentine Cinema and History: Celebrating LASA at 50
Session Organizer: Jessica L Stites Mor, University of British Columbia/Okanagan
Chair: Jessica L Stites Mor, University of British Columbia/Okanagan
‘€œLa road-movie documental en América Latina: orígenes, problemas y variantes de un género emergente‘€: Pablo Piedras, Universidad de Buenos Aires, CONICET, UNILA
‘€œThe Ends of Allegory at the End of History in Matías Piñeiro‘€™s Todos mienten‘€ (2009): Brendan H Lanctot, University of Puget Sound
‘€œWandering Forever Between the Winds: Film Genre, the Gaucho Film, and Argentine National Cinema‘€: Nicolas Poppe, Middlebury College
Discussant: Antonio D Gómez, Tulane University

563 // CUL – Panel – Saturday, 2:30pm – 4:00pm, Riverside Suite
*The Reach and Limits of Venezuela´s Bolivarian Project: Theoretical and Empirical Debate
Session Organizers: Maria del Pilar García-Guadilla, Universidad Simón Bolívar
David A Smilde, Tulane University
Chair: Maria del Pilar García-Guadilla, Universidad Simón Bolívar
‘€œFrom Partial to Full Conflict Theory: a Neo-Weberian Portrait of Post-Neoliberal Venezuela‘€: David A Smilde, Tulane University
‘€œClass Strategies of the Chavista governments in Venezuela: Pragmatic and Populist Policies in a Broader Context‘€: Steve Ellner, Universidad de Oriente Puerto La Cruz
‘€œCommune, Glimpsing the Commune‘€: George Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel University
‘€œEl Bumerang de la Democracia Participativa-Directa y la Inclusión- Excluyente en el Proyecto Revolucionario Bolivariano en Venezuela‘€: Maria del Pilar García-Guadilla, Universidad Simón Bolívar
‘€œReorganizing Popular Sector Incorporation in the Political Arena: Venezuela in Comparative Perspective‘€: Eduardo Silva, Tulane University
Discussant: Julie A Skurski, City University of New York – Grad Center

579 // PIP – Panel – Saturday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Rotunda Causal Inference and Elections in Latin America
Session Organizer: Giancarlo Visconti, Columbia University
Chair: Virginia Oliveros, Tulane University
‘€œAccountability and Incumbent Performance in the Brazilian Northeast‘€: Taylor C Boas, Boston University; Fernando Hidalgo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘€œA Reanalysis of Community-Level Outcomes Mexico‘€™s Progresa Experiment‘€: Tara L Slough, Columbia University
‘€œCommon Knowledge, Relative Performance and Political Accountability‘€: Eric Arias, New York University
‘€œNatural Disaster and Political Preferences: A Conjoint Analysis of Voters‘€™ Choices and Candidates‘€™ Characteristics‘€: Giancarlo Visconti, Columbia University
Discussant: Noam Lupu, University of Wisconsin-Madison

647 // INT – Panel – Saturday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Rhinelander Gallery Center
Contentious political issues in contemporary inter-American affairs: from (non)insurgency to international security and trade policymaking
‘€œHabits and Policy: The Social Construction of Foreign Policymaking Processes‘€: Mariano E Bertucci, Tulane University
‘€œWho did not become a Zapatista insurgent? The case of the 1994 Chiapas uprising‘€: Arturo C Sotomayor, University of Texas at San Antonio
‘€œUnderstanding the Legacies of Statebuilding under U.S. Military Occupation: Lessons from Latin America‘€: Don Leonard, Tulane University
Discussant: Tom Long, University of Reading

666 // MAS – Panel – Saturday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Holland Media
Technology and Citizen Engagement in Latin America
Chair: Enrique Peruzzotti, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
‘€œGovernments and Community Influence on the News Media Decision-Making in Latin America. Old Practices as Strategies to Control Information‘€: Manuel Chávez, Michigan State University ‘€œConstructing (In)Security: Media Representation of Civil Society Voices‘€: Michelle D Bonner, University of Victoria
‘€œTelevision, Social Media and Political Protest in Brazil: Struggles over Representation‘€: Mauro P Porto, Tulane University
‘€œPublic Connection and Social Networks: Citizenship, Deliberation, and Engagement in Mexico‘€: Manuel Alejandro Guerrero Martinez, Universidad Iberoamericana
Discussant: Sallie L Hughes, University of Miami

711 // FIL – Panel – Sunday, 8:00am – 9:30am, Harlem
En tránsito: cine, movilidad, transformación
Session Organizer: Antonio D Gómez, Tulane University
Chair: Natalia D’Alessandro, Tulane University
Narrativas en transición. Un análisis del film De la Argentina de Werner Schroeter‘€: Paola J Margulis, Universidad de Buenos Aires – CONICET
‘€œMasculinidades convergentes en Bombón, el perro de Carlos Sorín‘€: Juan P Roman-Alvarado, The University of Kansas
‘€œTraspasar las fronteras: afecto e ideología en ¿Quíen es Dayani Cristal?‘€: Adolfo Bejar, University of Arizona
‘€œÂ¿Qué se encuentra buscando un sueño? Migración, road trip y dimensión social en La jaula de oro (2013) y Viento aparte (2015)‘€: Isis M Sadek, University of South Carolina

759 // PIP – Panel – Sunday, 9:45am – 11:15am, Rotunda
Civil Society, Left Parties, and States in Latin America: Patterns of Organization and Uneven Representation
Session Organizer: Santiago J Anria, Tulane University
Chair: Sara J Niedzwiecki, The University of New Mexico
‘€œThe Fates of Movement-Based Parties: Comparing the MAS, the PT, and the FA‘€: Santiago J Anria, Tulane University
‘€œWhat do Voters Want and What are Parties Giving? An Analysis of Indigenous Preferences and Political Representation in Bolivia and Peru‘€: Mariana Giusti Rodríguez, Cornell University ‘€œ¡Suéltame pasado! Las (distintas) crisis de la izquierda ‘€œsocialdemócrata‘€ latinoamericana‘€: Juan Pablo Luna, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
La legitimidad que brinda el fracaso: Hablar de la izquierda desde Colombia y Perú‘€: Alberto Vergara Paniagua, Banting/Harvard University
‘€œDemocratic breakdowns in the Andes: Populism and Popularity‘€: Aaron E Watanabe, University of Oxford
Discussant: Candelaria Garay, Harvard University

776 // DEM – Workshop – Sunday, 9:45am – 11:15am, Rhinelander Gallery North
Las elecciones parlamentarias venezolanas de 2015
Session Organizers: Manuel Hidalgo Trenado, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Jose Manuel Puente, IESA-University of Oxford
Presenters: Miriam Kornblith, National Endowment for Democracy/Universidad Central de Venezuela
David A Smilde, Tulane University
Dorothy Kronick, University of Pennsylvania
Carlos A Romero Méndez, Universidad Central de Venezuela

845 // FIL – Panel – Sunday, 12:45pm – 2:15pm, Midtown
Latin American Film Production and the Transnational
Chair: Christina E Green, University of California San Diego
‘€œChile-USA . Encrucijadas liminoides en dos filmes de Pablo Larraín: Tony Manero y No!‘€: Xose Pereira-Boan, Tulane University
‘€œGlobal Film Worlds: The Cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki‘€: Kerry T Hegarty, Miami University, Ohio
‘€œSetting the Stage: Early Twentieth-Century Racialized and Gendered Constructions of Honduran Banana Workers through the Lens of U.S. Educational Films‘€: Christina E Green, University of California San Diego
‘€œTradición y Venezuela rural en las películas de la Unidad Fílmica Shell de Venezuela (1952-1965)‘€: Maria G Colmenares, Universidad Central de Venezuela

858 // LSN – Panel – Sunday, 12:45pm – 2:15pm, Concourse B
Raza, criollismo e identidad en los siglos XVIII y XIX
Chair: Rubén A Sánchez-Godoy, Southern Methodist University
‘€œConstruyendo la insurrección: criollos, chapetones y plebeyos en la Rebelión de los Barrios de Quito, 1765‘€: Estefania Flores, Tulane University
‘€œPoetas esclavos en el siglo XIX Cubano‘€: Yansert Fraga León, AHS
‘€œRebel Identities in the Caste War Novels of the Mexican Southeast: Sarah M West, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
‘€œSimón Bolívar y el problema colonial/post-colonial de las castas:‘€ Rubén A Sánchez-Godoy, Southern Methodist University

881 // DEM – Workshop – Sunday, 2:30pm – 4:00pm, Rhinelander Gallery North
After Transitions: The Quality and Diversity of Democratic Regimes 30 Years Later – I
Session Organizers: Gabriela Ippolito-O’Donnell, Universidad Nacional de San Martín
Enrique Peruzzotti, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
Chair: Maxwell A Cameron, University of British Columbia
Presenters: Alicia S Lissidini Dotti, Universidad Nacional de San Martín
Thamy Pogrebinschi, WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Felipe Alpízar, CIEP UCR
Santiago J Anria, Tulane University
Lucas I Gonzalez, CONICET/Universidad Católica ArgentinaUniversidad Nacional de San Martin

968 // SEC – Workshop – Sunday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Trianon Ballroom
Latin American Documentary Film in the New Millennium
Sponsor: Film Studies
Chairs: Michael J Lazzara, University of California/Davis
Maria Guadalupe Arenillas, Northern Michigan University
Presenters: Joanna E Page, University of Cambridge
Pablo Piedras, Universidad de Buenos Aires, CONICET, UNILA
Antonio D Gómez, Tulane University
Gustavo P Furtado, Duke University
Lisa R DiGiovanni

974 // CSS – Panel – Sunday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Flatiron
New Means of Measuring the Overlap between Ethnic Identity and Environmental Conflict: Exploring Intensity of Conflicts over Extraction in the Andes
‘€œEnvironmental Attitudes in a Climate-Vulnerable State: Self-Interest Challenges Post-Materialist Values along Ecuador‘€™s Oil Extraction Frontier‘€: Karleen Jones West, SUNY Geneseo ‘€œExtractivismo en el Ecuador: dinámica del conflicto durante el gobierno de Rafael Correa (2006-2013)‘€: Sara Latorre Tomas
‘€œExtractive Industries, Political Mobilization, and Prior Consultation Regimes: Evidence from Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia‘€: Marcela Torres Wong, American University
Discussant: Eduardo Silva, Tulane University

1004 // MAS – Panel – Sunday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Midtown
Alternative Music Scenes Since the 1980s
Chair: Paul Sneed, SNU
“A canção em São Paulo e sua inserção na indústria musical brasileira na década de 1980”: Pedro G Cesar Pires
“The Co-Existentialism of Chico Science and Brazil‘€™s Mangue Movement”: Paul Sneed, SNU
“Latin American Indie Music Deterritorialized: Blogs and Transnational Networks”: Camilo A Malagon, Tulane University
“Legitimación cultural de la narcoviolencia en la música del Movimiento alterado: femineidades masculinas”: Enrique Chacón, University of Tennessee

1007 // CUL – Panel – Sunday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Turtle Bay
Asia/Asians in Contemporary Latin American Culture
Session Organizer: Teresa Ko, Ursinus College
Chair: Teresa Ko, Ursinus College
‘€œAnti-orientalist Orientalism?: Reading César Aira‘€: Teresa Ko, Ursinus College
‘€œInclusion, exclusion and ‘being singular plural’: the Chinatown as a space for gender and racial performativity in Cristina Rivera Garza‘€™s Verde Shanghai (2011)‘€: Maria Montt Strabucchi, University of Manchester
‘€œUnreliable Documentation: Maps of the Orient in Bernardo Carvalho‘€: Allison E White, Tulane University
‘€œBeyond China and Japan: Unequal Representations of Asia in Latin American Cultural Discourses‘€: Jungwon Park, Kyung Hee University
‘€œReconfiguring Identities: Latin American Cinema by Asian Filmmakers‘€: Maria Mercedes Vazquez Vazquez, The University of Hong Kong

1029 // FIL – Panel – Sunday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, New York
Margen y centro: formalizaciones del espacio en el cine argentino
Session Organizer: Antonio D Gómez, Tulane University
‘€œFluencias cinemáticas. Aporte a la figuración urbana en el cine argentino modern‘€: Marcos A Pérez Llahí, Universidad de Buenos Aries
‘€œLugares de lo siniestro: La mujer sin cabeza de Lucrecia Martel‘€: Natalia D’Alessandro, Tulane University
‘€œEl cine en la villa y la villa en el cine‘€: Rocio F Gordon, Christopher Newport University
‘€œOtra vez el desierto: Jauja de Lisandro Alonso‘€: Antonio D Gómez, Tulane University

1113 // CUL – Panel – Monday, 8:00am – 9:30am, Turtle Bay
Baianidade and the Cultural Politics of Regional Identity in Brazil
Chair: Christopher J Dunn, Tulane University
‘€œContesting Visions of Inclusion: Mid-twentieth-century Modernism and Cultural Politics in Bahia, Brazil‘€: Scott A Ickes, Gustavus Adolphus College
‘€œThe Sweetest Barbarians: Hippie Counterculture and Baianidade in Authoritarian Brazil‘€: Christopher J Dunn, Tulane University
‘€œThe Baianidade of Black Power: The Blocos Afros of Salvador, 1974-1990‘€: Kim D Butler, Rutgers University ‘€œThe Awakening Giant‘€: The State of Bahia‘€™s Belated Acknowledgment of African American Roots Tourism”: Patricia Pinho, SUNY/University at Albany

1164 // URL – Panel – Monday, 9:45am – 11:15am, Regent
Dissent and detention: resisting the mass incarceration model
Chair: Alfonso Gonzales, University of Texas at Austin
‘€œUnauthorized migrants in transit as democratic subjects: fleeing deportation and police violence, enacting freedom and hospitality in the borderlands‘€: Martha Balaguera, University of Massachusetts Amherst
‘€œPunitive Dispossession: Neoliberalism and the Route to Mass Incarceration‘€: Elva F Orozco Mendoza, Drexel University
‘€œDetenciones del 1Dmx: Disenso y Subjetividad Politica ante la Criminalización de la Protesta‘€: Diana K Soto-Olson, Stone Center at Tulane University

1226 // CUL – Panel – Monday, 12:45pm – 2:15pm, Turtle Bay
Despojo y la formación de sujetos y subjetividades políticas en América Latina
Session Organizers: Julio Arias Vanegas, City University of New York/Graduate Center
Diana Ojeda, Instituto Pensar, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Chair: Julio Arias Vanegas, City University of New York/Graduate Center
‘€œTopografías del abandono: Sujetos en riesgo, zonas de despojo y compasión estatal en Colombia‘€: Alejandro Camargo, Syracuse University
‘€œEntre la fuga y la captura: conflicto agrario, despojo y reubicación en el Bajo Aguán, Honduras‘€: Andres Leon Araya
‘€œCommunity Forest Concessionaires: Resisting Green Grabs and Producing Political Subjects in Guatemala‘€: Jennifer A Devine, Texas State University
‘€œMaking /Taking /Being with the Forest: Green Grabbing and its Others in Chiapas‘€: Dianne E Rocheleau, Clark University
‘€œGender and Motherhood in the Struggles against Dispossession in Argentina‘€: Amalia Leguizamón, Tulane University
Discussant: Marc Edelman, City University of New York/Hunter College

1303 // DEM – Panel – Monday, 2:30pm – 4:00pm, Hilton Boardroom
Pautas para a democratização: anos 1950, 1960 e 1970
‘€œModernização, democracia e totalitarismo: teses de transição democrática‘€: Elizabeth Cancelli, USP
‘€œÃ‰ de resto a busca da liberdade‘€[‘€œColuna do Castello‘€, 18/2/1978.]: os caminhos para a democratização na ‘€œColuna do Castello‘€: lucia grinberg, UNIRIO ‘€œModernization, Convergence, and Exclusionist State Practices: the case of Brazil: Martha K Huggins, Tulane University Emerita
‘€œ4 de setembro de 1969: o sequestro do embaixador Charles Burke Elbrick e suas implicações‘€: Pâmela Resende

1311 // LST – Panel – Monday, 2:30pm – 4:00pm, Concourse D
Recovecos escondidos: La intimidad en la narrativa centroamericana contemporánea
Session Organizers: Alicia Z Miklos, Texas Tech University
Ignacio Sarmiento, Tulane University
Chair: Alicia Z Miklos, Texas Tech University
‘€œEl imaginario de la desintegración íntima: la masculinidad en la novela detectivesca y novela negra nicaragüense contemporánea‘€: Alicia Z Miklos, Texas Tech University
‘€œEl ocaso de la familia feliz. Consecuencias íntimas de la catástrofe en Los locos mueren de viejos de Vanessa Nuñez y Las flores de Denise Phè-Funchal‘€: Ignacio Sarmiento, Tulane University
‘€œLa íntima muerte en la primera novela centroamericana de la diáspora: Inmortales (1983)‘€: Oriel M Siu, University of Puget Sound
‘€œUncanny Intimacy and Neoliberal Critique in Fernando Contreras Castro‘€™s Única mirando al mar‘€: Jennifer M Abercrombie Foster, University of Kansas
‘€œLa política del miedo y la intimidad como refugio en El material humano de Rodrigo Rey Rosa‘€: Magdalena Perkowska, Hunter College/The Graduate Center, CUNY
Discussant: Sophie Esch, Colorado State University

1333 // ECO – Panel – Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Clinton
Cuban Reforms in Comparative Perspective
“Reforming Communism: Cuba in Comparative Perspective”: Scott J Morgenstern, University of Pittsburgh
“Options and Obstacles for International Investment and Economic Growth in Cuba”: Yu Xiao, University of Pittsburgh
“Cartas a la Dirección and the Evolving Social Contract in Cuba”: Martin Dimitrov, Tulane University

1343 // LTC – Panel – Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Liberty 1
Fala baixo senão eu grito: a sombra do passado ditatorial em narrativas brasileiras
Session Organizer: Cristiane B Lira, University of Georgia
‘€œPluralizing history or the search for new narrative genres: bordering history, memory, and literature‘€: Nina Schneider, University of Cologne
‘€œA narrativa do trauma e a construção da identidade em “Diário da queda” e “Sinfonia em branco”: Angela R Mooney, Tulane University
‘€œSpecters of the past: dictatorship as disease in “Onde andará Dulce Veiga?” by Caio Fernando Abreu‘€: Giulia Ricco, Duke University
‘€œThe collaborator and the guerrilheira in Urariano Mota‘€™s “Soledad no Recife”‘€: Rebecca J Atencio, Tulane University
‘€œA personagem da guerrilheira na literatura brasileira: objetos e espectros: Cristiane B Lira, University of Georgia

1366 // SMP – Panel – Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Beekman
Repercussions of Economic Booms and Crises
Chair: Chuck Sturtevant, University of Aberdeen
‘€œExogenous Shocks and Misattribution of Responsibility for Economic Performance: Results From Survey Experiments‘€: Cesar Zucco, FGV; Daniela Campello, Getúlio Vargas Foundation ‘€œFrom Neoliberalism to Neo-developmentalism in Argentina (2002- 2007)‘€: Hilal Gezmis
‘€œWho Boomed the Best in the Andes? Assessing developmental performance in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia‘€: James F Rochlin, University of British Columbia
Discussant: Riitta Ilona Koivumaeki, Center for Inter-American Policy & Research, Tulane University

1369 // SECLASA Section Presentation – Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm, Grand Ballroom West
Salud Pública y Medicina: Asuntos Pendientes y Nuevos Temas en América Latina y el Caribe Sponsor: Health, Science and Society
Chair: Raul Necochea, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill
‘€œLa Gubernamentalidad de la Caloría: Colombia Entre Políticas Nutricionales Internacionales y Problemas Sociales Nacionales, 1930-1950‘€: Stefan Pohl-Valero, Associate Professor
‘€œMexican Public Health and the Production of Universal Knowledge about Chemical Exposures‘€: Elizabeth F Roberts, University of Michigan
‘€œGulf of Disease: Merging Environmental and Medical Narratives to Reconstruct Latin American and Caribbean History‘€: Heather L McCrea, Kansas State University
‘€œRegionalisms in Global Health: Governing Noncommunicable Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Case of CARICOM: Mary A Clark, Tulane University