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Three CEQ Working Papers Published on Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Poverty

October 24th, 2016

Three ‘€œworking papers‘€: were recently published by the Commitment to Equity Institute. Dr. ‘€œNora Lustig,‘€: a Senior Associate Research Fellow at Tulane‘€™s ‘€œCenter for Inter-American Policy and Research (CIPR)‘€: and Director of CEQ, authored and co-authored these articles.

Each of the three papers focuses on fiscal policy, inequality, and poverty in developing countries. ‘€œThe Impact of Taxes, Transfers, and Subsidies on Inequality and Poverty in Uganda”: was co-authored by ‘€œJon Jellema,‘€: Nora Lustig, ‘€œAstrid Haas,‘€: and ‘€œSebastian Wolf.‘€: ‘€œFiscal Policy, Inequality and Poverty in Iran: Assessing the Impact and Effectiveness of Taxes and Transfers‘€: was co-authored by ‘€œAli Enami,‘€: Nora Lustig, and Alireza Taqdiri. ‘€œFiscal Policy, Inequality and the Poor in the Developing World‘€: by Nora Lustig, examines the impact of fiscal policy on inequality and poverty in twenty-five countries for around 2010.

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