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Nora Lustig cited in Washington Post article by Howard Schneider

September 23rd, 2013

Nora Lustig, Professor of Latin American Economics at Tulane University and Senior Research Associate, appears in a Washington Post article ‘€œThe World‘€™s Leading Development Economists Can‘€™t Agree On How To Tackle Inequality‘€ by Howard Schneider. Lustig calculates that while Brazil‘€™s highly-touted transfer payments have helped grow the middle class, they are for some income groups almost completely wiped out by the country‘€™s high and highly regressive value added tax.

The article focuses on determining how much inequality is too much; whether the forces driving inequality are good and necessary or profligate and evil; and whether policymakers should focus on reducing inequality in and of itself, or instead focus on related issues that contribute to inequality, like public education, health standards among the poor, or evidence of discrimination in the labor market.

The article can be accessed here.