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Forthcoming Article of Arturo Sotomayor in Journal of International Peacekeeping

April 4th, 2009

Arturo Sotomayor‘€™s article on Different Paths and Divergent Policies in the UN Security System: Brazil and Mexico in Comparative Perspective will be published in Journal of Intermational Peacekeeping.


How can we explain foreign policy variation among United Nations (UN) member states? Brazil and Mexico should be the most likely cases for activism in the UN system, given their territorial dimension, demographic tendencies, economic importance, geopolitical location and relative weight in Latin America. Yet, despite their domestic and structural similarities, their policies and behavior in the UN system have differed, both in terms of engagement with the Security Council and commitment regarding peacekeeping. By comparing two of Latin America‘€™s most influential countries, this study attempts to identify the underlying conditions and mechanisms that explain their differences in behavior and policy in the UN. In particular, this article analyzes and contrasts how geopolitics and civil-military relations in both countries affect their incentives to participate in international organizations and their overall international commitment to peace.

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