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Tulane University

Visiting Greenleaf Chair Symposium: Political Institutions, Power and Conflict in Central America

December 6th, 2010

Image: Legislative Assembly of El Salvador

The Stone Center for Latin American Studies and the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research were pleased to host the Visiting Greenleaf Chair symposium, Political Institutions, Power and Conflict in Central America on Dec 6, 2010.

Following the success of the first Coloquio Centroamericano held June 3-4, 2010 in San José, Costa Rica, this workshop aimed to complete a more general vision of political structures, power and crisis in the region. Ultimately, the workshop aspired the publication of the papers discussed (details below), taking into account the political occurrences of 2010.

On this occasion, three areas of representative democratic institutions were the primary focus – 1) party systems 2) legislative power and 3) judicial power – each examined comparatively and emphasizing the political tensions existing within each nation.

The workshop reviewed the working papers of:
Harry Brown Araúz, UNDP, Panamá – Party Systems in Central America
María Elena Martinez Barahona, USAL, Spain – Courts and Allocation of Power: Analyzing the Cases of Presidential Re-election in Latin America
María de las Mercedes García Montero, USAL, Spain – Legislative Participation and Presidential Dominance in Central America
María del Mar Martínez Rosón, USAL Spain – Political Ambition and Loyalty: Influences on Political Behavior

With discussants and moderator:
Fabrice Lehoucq, Political Science, University of North Carolina
Manuel Alcántara, Visiting Greenleaf Chair and Professor, Tulane University
Annabella España-Nájera, Stone Center Post-Doc, Tulane University
Eduardo Silva, Political Science, Tulane University
Ludovico Feoli, CIPR Director Tulane University (moderator)

Symposium participants pictured below, from left to right: Raul Urribari (Tulane University Professor of Political Science), Elena Martinez Barahona, Manuel Alcántara, Mar Martínez Rosón, Ludovico Feoli, Mercedes García Montero, Eduardo Silva, Fabrice Lehoucq, Harry Brown and Annabella España-Nájera