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Tulane University

Health and Happiness in Uruguay

Working document by:

Mariana Gerstenblüth, University of the Republic, Uruguay
Máximo Rossi, University of the Republic, Uruguay; Associate Research Fellow CIPR, Tulane University, USA and
R. Todd Jewell, University of North Texas, USA

This article presents a study of the relationship between self-reported happiness and self-assessed health status at the individual level, using the Religion, Health, and Young Emancipation ISSP survey for Uruguay in 2008. Probit estimates suggest that better self-assessed health status is highly correlated with greater levels of self-reported happiness. In order to control for the observed heterogeneity, models are estimated using matching methods. Results show that individuals who report themselves to be in good health have a probability of being at the highest level of happiness between 18 and 29 percentage points higher than individuals who report worse health.

Link to working document here.