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Santiago Anria

Former CIPR Post-Doctoral Fellow (2015-2017)

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Santiago Anria received his PhD in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the spring of 2015.

His current research focuses on social movements and political parties. His dissertation, ‘€œSocial Movements, Parties, and the Left in Latin America: The Bolivian MAS (Movement Toward Socialism) in Comparative Perspective,‘€ examines the dynamic relationships between grassroots movements and the governing MAS. This study is based on twelve months of fieldwork in Bolivia.

Santiago‘€™s research on Bolivia is part of a broader agenda that looks at sources of variation within and between parties to strengthen the field‘€™s understanding of the divergent patterns of articulation between social bases and political parties and other modes of representation. This agenda includes Latin American cases, such as Brazil‘€™s Workers‘€™ Party (PT) and Uruguay‘€™s Broad Front (FA), and cases outside of the region, such as South Africa‘€™s African National Congress (ANC).

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