About CIPR

The Center for Inter-American Policy and Research (CIPR) is devoted to inter-hemispheric exchanges that will advance the production and dissemination of knowledge about critical policy issues facing the Americas as well as the deepening of academic research in these areas. Its aim is to stimulate contact between scholars and decision-makers working on the region at different locations and in different languages, enriching their production by enabling the confluence of multiple perspectives.

CIPR focuses on issues of importance to Latin America and inter-American relations. Although this implies a dynamic agenda that will constantly evolve, its focus broadly encompasses aspects of political and human development as well as inter-American relations.

CIPR also seeks to raise awareness about the importance of Inter-American relations and contemporary policy debates. For this purpose, it engages business and civic leaders as well as members of the broader community in discussions related to its interest areas.


The Executive Committee of the Stone Center adopted this mission statement in April 1998:

The Center comprises a diverse group of scholars representing many disciplines and points of view drawn together by our common interest in Latin America.

The Center’s principal purpose is to promote, sustain, and encourage research and teaching of Latin American Studies primarily at Tulane University.

The Center for Latin American Studies upholds a very broad definition of Latin America including geographic locations, disciplines, political and ideological perspectives.

The Center fosters a community of scholars representing a broad spectrum of ideas, interests, disciplines.

The Center has done much to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to Latin American Studies, and provides a model of a true interdisciplinarian spirit.

The Center is an integral part of the International Latin American Studies community.

The Center educates the university community about the multicultural and multi-faceted importance of Latin America and makes this importance felt in the community at large.

The Center initiates or encourages new projects involving Latin America.

The Center coordinates the training of students in Latin American Studies.

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