Labor Informality, Mass Political Behavior, and Democracy in Latin America
Featuring Dr. Andy Baker NOW VIA ZOOM ONLY: Registration required: click here to register or scan the QR code on the poster. Over recent decades, scholars of Latin American politics have propagated various narratives about the political attitudes and behaviors of informal workers. Relative to formal workers, informal workers are allegedly less organized, less participatory, less left-leaning, less […]
Urban Securitization in the Name of Human Rights: Citizenship and the State in Bogotá
Featuring Dr. Lindsay Mayka, Colby College Using the case of Bogotá, this talk examines how states draw on human rights frames in their efforts to “cleanup” violent drug-consumption zones in city centers—and the impact of these frames on citizenship rights of people within these zones, including homeless people and sex workers. Dr. Mayka shows that […]