The Making of Immigrant Inequality in America: U.S. Privileging of Cubans
Dr. Susan Eckstein, Boston University For more than half a century the U.S. granted Cubans unique immigrant entitlements. While other unauthorized immigrants faced detention, deportation, and no legal rights, Cuban immigrants could enter the country without authorization and become lawful residents a year later and, subsequently, citizens, as well as qualify for unique resettlement benefits. I will […]
Participatory myths: promotion by the left and a democratic evolution
On Tuesday, March 1 at 1pm in the Greenleaf Conference Room, 100A Jones Hall, CIPR will host the first event in our Spring Series: Challenges and Opportunities for Democracy in Latin America Dr. Yanina Welp from the Albert Hirschman Center on Democracy in Geneva, Switzerland will give a talk entitled: Participatory myths: promotion by the left and a […]