Alberto Cortes Ramos


Dr. Alberto Cortes Ramos has a degree in Political Science from the University of Costa Rica. He received his M.A. in Development Studies from ISS in The Netherlands and his PhD in Geography from Loughborough University, England. He is a full professor at the schools of Political Science and Geography of the University of Costa Rica, as well as a researcher at the Center for Research and Political Studies, CIEP-UCR. He is currently the coordinator of the Central America Chair at the UCR.

His research interests are the following:

  • Development, power and politics in Central America.
  • Geopolitics, power and territoriality in Central America.
  • Migration and development in Central America, with emphasis on the migratory dynamics between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, as a case of south-south migration.

At this moment, he is part of an interdisciplinary and intergenerational group of researchers that is developing a publication on Central America and the bicentennial, which will be celebrated this year. While at CIPR he will continue this research, exploring in particular the relationship between power, development and types of states in Central America, from a long-term perspective (1821-2021).